Website updates November 2017

  • I've done quite a few updates to the site:

    • Created a new frontpage with improved design and better cross-browser compatibility:
    • The frontpage now also lists the clan members by pulling them from the forum (yay no more manual updates for me) (so for example you can update your avatar on the forum, and the frontpage will show your new avatar as well)
    • Upgraded NodeBB version
    • Fixed "slow" login caused by baaad socket settings
    • Updated board design, settings
    • EMOJI SMILEY SUPPORT :astonished: :nerd: :smirk: :trumpet: (click the smiley icon while creating a post, or type : in your post for inline smiley options)
    • Support for larger avatars which will look pretty on retina monitors as well (instead of blurry) (400x400 px) (you can update your avatar by simply uploading a new one)
    • Improved caching settings
    • Added SSL encryption (the pretty green lock in your address bar) for additional privacy and security
    • Moved our board emailing service to SendGrid, which should be more reliable
    • Did lots of stuff on our server such as configure automated backups, security updates and whatnot

    Everything should continue to work as normal. If you see anything weird or have questions please post in this topic or in chat.
    Edit: You can also send me an email instead:

  • Looks amazing, thanks for the effort :drooling_face:
    And yay, emojis :D

  • When I created an account a couple of weeks ago, I never got a verification email which essentially made me unable to post anything up until now. I guess you moving the board emailing service fixed that because I suddenly got an email . So thanks very much for that one! The site looks fantastic by the way. :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @lyrax Thanks :D and thanks for letting me know. Yeah the old emailing service seemed a bit unreliable. Hoping everything's good now.

    If anyone else is having issues with the board and/or Xat and as such has trouble reaching me, you can also instead send me an old fashioned email:

  • Emojis! The biggest of all updates :) Good job, Daan. Any way to have them come up without the tag, so you just have to see the emoji?

    :flag_nl: :flag_nl: :flag_nl: :flag_nl: :flag_nl:

  • @yoda Thanks!

    Not sure what you mean by "have them come up without the tag"?

  • Guess he's talking about the titles next to the emojis:

    alt text

  • Ah. That's not possible right now, no. But those tags do show you what to type in your message. It will also auto-complete if you start typing. Like this: :micro

    0_1511959931802_Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 13.51.57.png

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