How are you doing??

  • Hey guys, how are you doing?:man_lifting_weights:

    I was wondering what became of all the old swbf2 Clans. I almost cried when I found this Website and all the Names I still remember. Even though I spend the most of my childhood outside, the times I played swbf2 expecially the clan matches left huge positive memorys. I've never enjoyed a game as much as I did swbf2 on PS2. Crazy how fast time runs. I was a kid when I played the game now im a sexy grown up man haha. I love you all.:grin:

  • Hey Neyo,

    Hope you're okay during this crisis. I sent you a pm on fb not so long ago. We're all using a server on discord now.

    How have you been, it's been a while.

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